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We, as Istanbul Furniture, are also the owner of Fantasy Blinds and we sell curtains in our furniture store.

You can find all kinds of curtains in our store.


You can visit our website to see our blinds types suitable for your home, room or workplace.

We would be happy to welcome you in our store to see our curtain and blinds range.


Dont forget! Estimation and installation is free.

Fantasy zabra blinds ETK 002.jpg

Zebra Blinds

Zebra curtains, which are produced from a fabric with transparent and opaque stripes, have this name because of their appearance.


Different light tones can obtained by overlapping the light and dark bands.

venetian blinds 500 px.jpg

Venetian Blinds

It usually consists of horizontal slats made of aluminum or wood. These horizontal laths, which are connected to each other, are rotated with the help of the bar on the side and thus different viewing angles are obtained from the outside. This process also allows different light levels to be achieved indoors.

roller blinds 500 px.jpg

Roller Blinds

A different light level is obtained by lifting the flat fabric, which is wrapped on the roll, up and down by the help of the rope on the side. Blackening is achieved when the roll is completely lowered.

vertical sheer blinds 500 px.jpg

Vertical Sheer

Vertical sheer blinds provides use as sheer, sunshade and background curtain. It provides the convenience of opening your window easily without lifting your blinds or pulling it left and right.

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